Syscryption is an ideal partner for educational institutions aiming to provide a safe and efficient learning environment. The secure and encrypted Syscryption platform ensures that learners in colleges and universities enjoy a protected online learning space. Moreover, it provides students with automated grading systems, tailor-made assessments as well as real-time analytics tools, which allow schools to follow up on learner progress. Besides, the system of Syscryption has been developed in a way that both tutors and students can use it without straining leading to an effective teaching-learning process.

Keeping Your Data Safe

We appreciate how important it is to always keep student data safe by securing it while still using the most advanced techniques of encryption during its processing through our systems. That way you can also manage access rights to the data within your system limiting who edits or sees the same.

Learning Experience

Our managed IT service will offer strong technology labs where students benefit from hands-on training. Similarly, we have tools for remote learning through which distance learners can access courses as well as interact with their peers and lecturers globally and at once!

End-to-end Solutions

Our team will come up with end-to-end solutions in building technology labs, supporting remote students, and developing disaster recovery plans among others; we can even help you maintain these systems as well as monitor them since your data should be well-protected.

Learning Experience Like No Other

We deliver the best learning experience for your students because we have cutting-edge technologies. For example, we customize solutions so they suit your needs; thus, paying off maximally from our services.