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What is the future of Cryptocurrency?

What is the future of Cryptocurrency?

The future for cryptocurrency is exposed for elucidation.

Transferring cash through online is digitally is convenient and low-cost.

There is no more demand for decentralized currency from an average consumer. In order to become crypto current established currency, there would inevitably need to be an increase in regulation and consumer protection which in turn will increase cryptocurrency transaction costs and reduce the anonymity.

Banking and payments industries will be disrupted. Cryptocurrency is the future of banking and payments. How the internet is useful for media, in the same sense the cryptocurrency is useful for banking. Meanwhile, traditional banks are losing the convenience and trust of many stakeholders. Banks are also adopting cryptocurrency. IBM predicts, around 15% of banks will have implemented blockchain in their operation.

It will help to measure the reputation of an individual. Which will also allow to invest in a favorite artist and can receive their portion of the profit.

It will bring enough funds for start-ups’ company.

ICOs can become one in every of the first suggests that of fundraising.

More and more crowdfunding campaigns taken by the individual in the future which shows the power of cryptocurrency.

In 20 years, cryptocurrency can drastically rise and can dominate the money flows in many countries as well as the world. The government will take initiative to introduce government cryptocurrency which will stop crime, stop a terrorist, stop corruption but it will be a bitter pill to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Decentralized consensus will develop further than blockchain, artificial intelligence, new processing power and other states of art technologies will adopt cryptocurrency and will become the main meta-system to handle them.

The price of cryptocurrency will raise magnificently, though it had price $1 it will grow by 500000% more which sound crazy.

Cryptocurrency will replace Fiat currency.

Fiat system can disappear as folks can still move towards digital currencies.

As the world is moving towards machine to machine economy, cryptocurrency will play a substantial role in it.

IOTA which is an open-source cryptocurrency focused on providing secure communications and payments between machines on the internet of things, will flourish in future due to it support the offline transaction, it has indefinite scalability and it has zero transaction cost.

Big economy and demand for blockchain talent will rise steeply.