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What is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence?

The life without a computer, we cannot even imagine living.  Our life has become easier and faster with the advent of computers.  Many small things from calculation till finding a solution to the problem is undertaken by the computer and sadly not by the humans.  But no one knows these machine does not understand the composite actual world problem which human’s surfaces. So researcher took steps to find out the solution where computer helps to analyze a problem. And researcher came up with Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is nothing but encouraging intelligence into machines.

Artificial intelligence is the capability of machines or computer programme to think and learn.  It emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like a human. As it is a part of computer science, the computer can tackle the difficult task and adjust to a novel condition. AI is known as the most exciting leading edge for knowledge and technology. AI stimulates intelligent behavior by focusing on building automated and innovative computers and machines. A problem which requires intelligence can effectively elucidate by use of a computer.

The brief history of Artificial intelligence:

·There is a belief that a Statue of Amun constructed by Egyptians assisted to make more advancement in Artificial intelligence.

·In 1642, Pascal developed first digit calculating machines and later it improved by Leibniz.

·Meanwhile in 18th-century various mechanical toys were invented.

·At the beginning of 20th century, the topic called formal logic, robot, and the electronic computer came into existence.

·Formal logic, a computer programme helped scientist to work effectively on artificial intelligence and by this, the problem solving obsessed by human brought into computers.

·The father of Artificial intelligence is John McCarthy, who brought together people fascinated towards artificial intelligence.

·During 1959, LISP means list processing language developed by John McCarthy for easy manipulation of data strings.

·In order to solve a specific problem, the modern development in artificial intelligence takes place in the form of an expert system.

·Another development in artificial intelligence brought into place is an intelligent agent.

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Application of artificial intelligence:

·Hospitals and medicine:

A medical clinic can use artificial intelligence systems to organize bed schedules, makes a staff rotation, and provide medical information.

·Heavy industry:

Robots have become common in many industries, they are often giving jobs that are considered dangerous to humans. Robots are sufficient agent for it.

·Game playing:

This prospered greatly with the digital revolution and helped introduce people, especially children, to a life of dealing various types of artificial intelligence.

·Speech recognition:

It is possible to instruct some computers using speech, most users have gone back to the keyboard, and mouse as still more convenient.

·Telecommunication maintenance:

Many telecommunications companies make use of heuristic search in the management of their workforces.


Artificial intelligence has also been applied to video games, which are designed to stand in as opponents where humans aren’t available or desired.


Artificial intelligence played increasingly played important role in antivirus detection. It improves the performance of antivirus detection systems and promotes the production of new AI Algorithms and application in antivirus detection to integrate antivirus detection with AI.