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Top 10 Technologies related to artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Technologies related to artificial Intelligence

1.     Natural language generation:

·Natural language generation is an Artificial intelligence sub-discipline that transforms data into text.

·With this computer can communicate ideas precisely.

·It is presently being used in making reports and market summaries and summarizing business intelligence insight.

·Sample vendors: Attivio, SAS etc.

2.     Speech recognition:

·Speech recognition implemented into voice response interactive systems and mobile apps.

·, In order to develop a computer application, one of the best method, is to transcribe and transform human speech into the format.

·Sample vendors: NICG, Nuance Communication etc.

3.     Virtual agents:

·It is a computer agent or program capable of interacting with humans.

·It is currently being used for customer service &support and as smart home managers.

·Sample vendor: Google, IBM, Microsoft

4.     Machine learning Platform:

·It is a sub-discipline of computer science and a branch of artificial intelligence.

The ·Its aim is to develop techniques that allow computers to learn.

·Machine learning platform gaining more grip because by providing an algorithm, API’s, development and training toolkits, big data, applications, and other machines.

·Sample vendor: Amazon, Google, Skytree etc.

5.     AI optimized hardware:

·New graphics and central processing units and processing devices specifically designed and structured to execute AI oriented task.

·Companies are heavily investing in AI with hardware design intended to accelerate the next generation of application.

·Sample vendor: IBM, Intel, etc.

6.     Decision management:

·Decision management has been incorporated into a variety of corporate application to assist and execute automated decision making

·Sample vendors: Maana, UiPath

7.     Deep learning platforms:

·It use a special form of machine learning involving artificial neural circuits with various abstraction layers.

·This technology mimics the human brain, processing data and creating a pattern to use for decision making.

·Sample vendor: Penetration, Saffron Technology etc.

8.     Biometrics:

·It deals with identification, measurements, and analysis of physical aspects of the body’s structure and human behavior.

·It allows more natural interaction between humans and machines, including reacted to touch, image, speech, and body language recognition.

·Sample vendor:  Sensory, Synqera, etc.

9.     Robotic Processes Automation:

·It is used in a special situation where it’s too expensive to hire humans for a specific job or task.

·It is a method that mimics or automate human task to support corporate processes.

·Sample vendor: Blue Prism, WorkFusion

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10.  Text analytics and NLP:

·Natural language processing uses text analytics to understand the structure of a sentence, their meaning, and intention, through a statistical method and machine learning.

·It is presently being used for security system and fraud detection.


·Sample vendor: Indico, Knime, etc