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Impact of augmented reality

Impact of augmented reality

  • Augmented reality is the forthcoming opportunity that will let consumers experience a reality that is based on personal needs and desires for mobile devices users.
  • AR will present a completely new way to engage and will expand the abilities of retailers.
  • When AR collaborate with the technology of mobile devices, AR will allow for geo-tracking which will generate remarkable experiences for consumers. 
  • AR has a strong impact on all sector as well as on society. 
  • The mobile devices with AR application developed in such a manner that, it will offer facial recognition software.
  • With the help of AR, navigation devices will be built into cars and mobile devices, which will help commuters and drivers.
  • Some of the car manufacturers working on implementing augmented reality windshields that will help drivers for navigation.
  • When considering all positive aspects of the AR, one must also look at negative aspects well. AR is the platform which will offer criminals to develop scams that will harm the users.
  • The medical field is one of the major fields on which augmented reality has a huge impact.
  • It is being used for practical purposes and technology for the future of medicine. For instances, one of surgery was performed by using Google Glass and VIPAAR.
  • This will create surgery simplified and offer a safe environment and also reduces the chances of medical problems arising after surgery is performed. 
  • Patients can be educated about their eye health by EyeDecide app. likewise same AR tools are available for skin cancer, locating the vein and for many purposes.
  • AR headset allows users to envision digital pictures through the lens. One can learn about topics in practical ways, interact with holograms, movies, and games, test and prepare for products and procedure.
  • AR application assists the military with making repairs in the field and preparation for surgeries. Such an AR application includes The Head-Up Display and The Head Mounted Display.
  • The major issue which arises from AR is physical injury. 
  • The top threats causes from AR are social rejection, poor experience, miniaturization issues, digital fatigue, legal and so many.