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How you can automate your business using Artificial intelligence ?

How you can automate your business using Artificial intelligence ?

It assists in evaluating business performance through data-driven insight which realizes past and forecast future. Artificial intelligence helps business by providing information that can enable to take efficient and effective any business decisions. It is used in many business transactions like Spreadsheet, reporting software, digital dashboard, data mining, data warehouse, Business activity monitoring. Competition around the world is increasing, everyone trying to compete with each other by using artificial intelligence. If you want to automate your business, here are some of the best artificial intelligence tools:

•    Nudge artificial intelligence:

It uses artificial intelligence to suggest a stream of simulating engagement opportunities on customers. It lets to reach out customer without wasting valued time on research. It also helps to scan latest news and social feeds to find contact information about the companies. It uses AI to tailor customer alerts according to the specific events, allowing to grab the sale opportunities.

•    Troops AI:

In sales department, it is not easy to drive sales without the use of right data and forecast. Troops help sales team and permit co-operation with content and marketing department. It gathers the data from Salesforce and sends it to slack channel. It also creates dashboards, generates a report and alerts different departments in the loop.

•    Tetra:

It uses AI to take notes on phone calls help to stay attentive and remember the details. It is helpful in group working. It allows each member to share knowledge with the team by hearing the voice of customer directly. This will give 60 minutes trial for test calls.

•    Crystal:

This tool allows working with anyone by giving insights on individual’s personality and behavior. In order to generate group reports for a meeting, there should be crystal synchronize with a calendar. With the help of this one can draw profile data online from Salesforce and LinkedIn. It also integrated with email and web apps.


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•    Legal Robot:

Legal Robot is an AI adviser helps to direct the complex legal contracts. Legal Robot powered by NLP and deep learning, Legal Robot generates high- level legal models that cover a broad range of business cases and scenarios. It also improves readability and consistency of contracts and secure compliances to the best standards and practices.

•    Tamar:

It is called as data integration tool. This crack data duration problem and helps businesses save up to 20% of human efforts. It uses data-driven, bottom-up approach and integrates numerous data source into a single implements the concept of machine learning and data analysis in the most efficient manner.

•    Conversica:

Another tool of artificial intelligence is Conversica. Which act as automated sales assistant which reaches out to all sales leads, multiple times and for however long required.

•    DigitalGenius:

It is smart system fuelled by natural language processing and artificial intelligence. This tool makes effective use of predictive automation to analyze the question first and take it to the right answer. It helps business to improve their customer service operation.

•    Recorded future:

This tool serves as threat intelligence system, which helps business to predict future threat and keeps them at lower threat risks. Its web intelligence Engine uses billion of indexed facts to continuously analyze web to detect emerging threat.

•    DataRPM:

This tool processes a variety of company data in a short time and predicts various things, such as future as potential assets failures, and the importance of timely maintenance. This helps businesses in reducing their operational cost. 


Business application:

•    Finance

To organize operation, invest in stock and manage properties banks uses artificial intelligence. Robot beats human beings in a simulated financial trading competition.

•    Hospitals and medicines

A medical clinic can use artificial intelligence systems to organize bed schedules, make staff rotation and provide medical information and other important tasks. AI has application in the field of Cardiology, Neurology, complex operation of internal systems, etc.

•    Heavy industry

Huge machines involve risk in manual maintenance and working. Robots are often given job which considered dangerous to humans. Robots have proven effective in jobs that are very repetitive which may lead to mistakes or accidents due to a lapse in concentration and other jobs which humans may find degrading.

•    Transportation

Artificial intelligence in Transit, where transit provides the attached sensor to their trains, trams, buses to predict wear and tear and to avoid accidents. AI is deployed to provide the driver with real-time information on a traffic jam, accidents, weather conditions, and estimated time arrival.

•    Video game:

Artificial intelligence plays important role in a video game, where a machine can think of a large number of possible position based on heuristic knowledge.

•    Military

Smart bomb guided by remote control camera systems towards intended targets. Decoding of enemy secret code is done with artificial intelligence.

•    Music:

Scientists are trying to make the computer emulate the activities of a skilful musician. Composition, performance, music theory, sound processing are some of the major areas on which research in music and AI are focusing